The Pen tests (pentest) provided by WebSec are backed by the latest technology

To get a Business in Order to correctly target its Assets in data security, its technology analysts must have a profound comprehension of where the weaknesses lie. Because, nowadays with rising frequency, all businesses encounter hazards that can impact their strategy. Discovering existing gaps is possible now, thanks to successful tools that enable us to know the intensity of risks and steer clear of risks.

WebSec Is Just a prestigious consulting company . Digital security that ensures communication and information technology. His major specialization is based in pen test (pentest). The focus is to assist companies defend themselves from future and current threats. Their immense practical experience is endorsed by using the use of the most advanced technology. What’s accessible to give you the very absolute most potent and best high quality security alternatives.

The comprehensive services which WebSec offers Comprise Red staff, PCI-DDS stability evaluation, Penetration Test, DigiD Security evaluation, Pishing Campaigns, Offensive stability education, and Safety Awareness instruction.

Which will be the Advantages of an ethical hacker (ethische hacker) project Like usually the only WebSec needs foryou ?

• Allows you to Develop into aware of the real Vulnerabilities in the system.

• It Is Possible to prepare until additional damage occurs By properly adjusting infrastructure failures.

• It allows you to Understand the way ready your team Is to face a particular attack.

• Allows you to Evaluate Your company concerning its Willingness to get a cyber attack.

The specialized pen testing (pentesten) services offered by WebSec are provided in Three versions:

Pentest in 1 visit, a Entire penetration test is Carried out, testing all pages and functions.

PeriodicPentest, which will be completed monthly To get a certain amount of hours however using exactly the exact same assumptions being a complete pentest.

No Cure No Pay would be really a book version that assesses Vulnerabilities contemplating how intense they have been and just how great their impact is both and your consumer pays so.

When it Happens to pentest, no Business matches WebSec in caliber and reasonable rates.