Receive a bonus for owning a teacher’s letter (carta del docente)

The Ministry of Education had The initiative to draw up a IT company (azienda informatica) to foster the modernization and teaching of ongoing educators in academic institutions and provides an annual bonus of 500 euros to be spent in their own modernization and prep.
This works by checking the Identity of these teachers as it’s verified by way of the us government system for the digital identification of the people and employers, with the previously mandatory documentation from of those identity consignees that currently exist.
To utilize the teacher’s letter (carta del docente), all teachers should possess their electronic id program and login to the specific site.

New users may sign up and join together with their data by way of the existing program for this function.
For detailed information regarding the Compulsory demands to profit from such an initiative and the operational actions, you should assess the state site to the professional’s Charter website. At an identical style you will quickly realize how to set your very first incentive and also how to take, in case you don’t already possess, your electronic identification (SPID), essential to produce purchases.
Card (carta del docente Verona) can be an web application that acknowledges regular educators so they are able to manage the delegated amount of five hundred euros for every faculty livelihood, to become capable of using in their professional improvement.

Said program allows: Businessmen or coaching entities to register up for the ceremony and search the commercialization of resources or services, known by law, to the tenured professors to stipulate buy coupons to get the purchase of resources or solutions offered by entities or merchants of education enrolled while in the service.
Those who can benefit from Possessing the Teacher’s Letter is going to soon be the lasting teachers of this nation Educational bureaus, no matter if part-time or full-time, including educators who Are under a period of coaching, internship, and testand teachers in unsuitable Conditions for health reasons, after the provisions of the law and All succeeding reforms.